Our Story

Born in South Carolina

Nestled in the heart of the lowcountry

High Wire Distilling Co. excels in reviving forgotten grains and restoring historic flavors to the modern whiskey palate.

ESTD HWDCo. 2013

Founded by Scott Blackwell & Ann Marshall

High Wire was born of our desire to explore a range of flavor that might be found in lost and forgotten grains.

Our roots in farming and organic baking drive us to  approach distilling with the palate and curiosity of adventurous cooks; the exuberance of enthusiastic eaters — and the devotion to regenerative practices like no-till farming and seed preservation. It’s all part of our mission to enhance flavor, celebrate farmers, preserve rural lands, and make drinking an agricultural act.

The relentless pursuit of flavor
Belleville Farm, SC

Our spirits are created using heritage grains from South Carolina family farms and are produced from mill to barrel right here in downtown Charleston.

These efforts combine to form a groundswell movement in which drinking is an agricultural act, and whiskey, an expression of the stories it holds.

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Reviving Seed,
Reviving Flavor

The incredible story of a seed — and
flavor — nearly lost forever.

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