Jimmy Red

Reviving jimmy red

Rescued from extinction by a local seed saver,

Jimmy Red corn was already making waves in the culinary world when we opened our doors in 2013. Named for James Island just over the bridge from Charleston, Jimmy Red was a legendary moonshiner’s corn that had dwindled down to a mere 2 cobs following the death of the last man known to grow it.

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In early 2014, Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills entrusted us with enough Jimmy Red seed to grow 2.5 acres in partnership with Clemson University.

That year, we harvested enough corn to distill 2 batches of the most unique bourbon we have ever tasted. With each passing year, our planted acreage of Jimmy Red has grown with current annual yields of over 1.3 million pounds.

The near extinction of Jimmy Red corn reminds us that our foodways, natural world, culture, and traditions deserve our attention, gratitude, respect, and stewardship.

Jimmy Red’s revival is a communal act of respect and passion that connects us more intimately with the whole cycle, from seed to spirit. And, it gives us the opportunity to share its flavor, and the stories of those who love and nurture it — with the world.

Spirit of Revival By 1504
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